Advanced Nitrox

Nitrox – Best Mix

corso advanced nitrox In order to take part in the ADVANCED NITROX DIVER course, one must have already done the NITROX base course, which introduces and teaches the basic concepts for diving enriched oxygen.

Enrolling in the Advanced Nitrox Course, means being allowed to use any percentage of oxygen in the mix and to utilize the necessary equipment in total safety.
The primary objective of the course to to acquire the necessary competence to use mixes with a high percentage of oxygen which allow the diver to significantly increase the time spent at depth in safety, to speed up decompression time and to increase safety at every stage.
advanced nitrox Theory sessions alternate with practical exercises and free water dives (there four separate dives in the course). Theory lessons include physics and physiology, planning a dive and the selection of the most suitable mix (la BEST-MIX), choice of suitable equipment, as well as preparation and analysis of the mix.
An open book exam will entitle you to the Advanced Nitrox licence.