Cave Diving Communications

cave diving communications

Joe Prosser H. V. Grey

Come comunicare sott’acqua e soprattutto sottoterra al buio o quasi? Anni di pratica e di incomprensioni hanno permesso agli speleosub di mettere a punto dei protocolli.

A cave-diving buddy of mine once confessed that secretly, deep down inside, he was actually kind of glad that voice communication systems were not yet a practical reality for sport diving; that that’s what he went cave diving for in the first place: a little peace and quiet.


No talkingl A laudable sentiment no doubt—unless you just happen to get separated from your buddy off the line in a total siltout, or get yourself so idiotically entangled that you can’t even signal with your light, or blow a critical O-ring just as your buddy disappears beyond the next bend.

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