Nitrox Course

Enriched Oxygen Air

nitrox baseNITROX (Enriched Oxygen Air) is used in recreational diving to safely extend the limits of non decompression.
When diving underwater within 40 metres depth, Nitrox can significantly prolong non decompression time compared to a dive with air which hasn’t been enriched. Prolonging the non decompression period prolongs the amount of time spent at depth. Nitrox mix contains more oxygen than the air we normally breathe and consequently a lower percentage of AZOTE, which is absorbed in smaller quantities as a result.
During the NITROX Course, safety procedures for recreational diving with NITROX mixes without decompression are learned and the student will obtain the license to use both mixes:

  • • standard: Nitrox 1 (32% O2) and Nitrox 2  (36% O2)