First Level Scuba Diving Course

Scuba Diving Course

The Open Water Diver Course will allow you to discover what lies under the surface of the sea and will confer a license to descend to a depth of 18 metres with breathing apparatus.
During the Open Water Diver Course, your instructor will teach you the basics of diving with breathing aparatus.
All activities take place in the swimming pool or in water with similar characteristics until the second stage, when they will take place in open water (the sea or a lake): in this way, the theory can put into practice.
open water diver Obtaining the Open Water Diver License is only the beginning of a series of Scuba diving Certificates. As one follows up the training and gains experience through higher level courses (advanced open water diver), one can aspire to superior certification.
Some details about the Open Water Diver Course:

  • number of dives in open water: four;
  • knowledge development: five theory sessions;
  • requirements to start: minimum age of 10 for Junior Open Water Diver and of 15 for Open Water Diver.

It’s essential to be in good health and in good general condition. One should also be relatively relaxed in water in order to enroll in the course.